Are you a WordPress Hosting And Support Guru?

No? And yet hosters expect you to:

upload your own site, set it up and understand tech stuff.


That’s not us.

We provide a concierge service.

A what?

We take care of everything for you.


All our hosting plans include the basics you need. We don’t charge extra for items that should be standard.*

Got Questions? Drop us a line. We are happy to help. Or sign up below.


Visits Per Month
Global CDN
Included Restores
SSL Certificate
Wordpress Multisite


Storage : Medium Site < 50 Pages
Visits Per Month : Busy Business
Bandwidth : Some photos
Global CDN
Backups : Daily
Included Restores : 2 Per Year
Support : 8/5 phone support
SSL Certificate
Environment : Production
Wordpress Multisite
Best Value


Storage : Bigger Site < 1000 pages
Visits Per Month : Online e-Commerce
Bandwidth : E-commerce / Brochures
Global CDN
Backups : Daily / Hourly
Included Restores : 4 Per Year
Support : 12/7 phone support
SSL Certificate
Environment : Stage / Prod
Wordpress Multisite


Storage : Go Large - 1000s of pages
Visits Per Month : Popular Blog
Bandwidth : Some downloadable content
Global CDN
Backups : Daily / Hourly / On change
Included Restores : 12 Per Year
Support : 24/7 phone support
SSL Certificate
Environment : Dev / Stage / Prod
Wordpress Multisite


Storage : Unlimited
Visits Per Month : Unlimited
Bandwidth : Unlimited
Global CDN
Backups : As required
Included Restores : TBA
Support : As Required / 24 / 7 /365
SSL Certificate : Including Imported SSL
Environment : Dev / Stage / Prod
Wordpress Multisite


*Our bandwidth, visits and storage are based on fair usage.  If you need a larger plan let us know as we manage corporate, busy social media, content downloading and government sites – including mission critical with fail over.

Our hardware hosting partners are New Zealand and Australian based and handle some of the biggest clients out there.